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Author Topic:   chassis question
posted March 26, 2003 10:19 PM
Is there a way to build (bite) or wedge into a metric chassis???I was thinking about shimming the rr and lf corners up off my jig alittle and was wondering if anybody has tryed it.I really don,t want to waste time and $$$$$ if it don't work.The rules state no weight jacking devices of any type and both rear springs are to be the same free height.I would like to here your thoughts on this subject before i try this.Thanks

posted March 27, 2003 10:02 AM
Never actually done it, but I've heard about supporting all the corners but the rf and hanging 200 or so pounds off the rf when you weld in the cage. It's supposed to add wedge.


posted March 27, 2003 10:03 AM
I often twist the chassis like you are talking about. When you can't use weight jacking devices it works. Problem is you don't know how much twist will make how much difference. Last metric car I did had no bracing in front of the fire wall making a very flimsy front chassis area. I built in a twist of 1 3/4" as measured at the right front frame horn. This gave the car, as I remember, about 52.5% cross weight. The variables here are the springs. The rules were the same height on both front springs. With front bracing to stiffen the chassis, I would think about 1 - 1 1/4" would be about right. You can get much the same effect by going to a smaller tire on the left front if rules allow. Some creative shimming of the springs will work also. I have had tech people crawl all over the right front and never look at the left rear! SLEEPY

posted March 29, 2003 02:32 AM
I have seen people use a front sway bar to put cross weight into a car. By shortening the left side link can act like weight jacking down the right front. I haven't tried it but have heard it works

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posted March 29, 2003 04:58 PM
I had an old multiple time track champ(welder by trade) tell me to jack the left front of the frame till the tire clears the ground by about 2 inches and then weld the seams of the chassis. He claimed the heat build up in the chassis and when you weld the seams twists the frame. He ran 1/4 mile high banked clay. Did this myself but haven't been able to try it out yet(Still building the car)

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