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Author Topic:   front end weight
posted March 25, 2003 08:05 PM
hey guys, i run a pontiac engine in a nova chassis. eveyone where i race runs chevy. i know that a pontiac is heavier than a chevy but i was wondering if anybody knows how much heavier. thanks for the help

posted March 25, 2003 10:45 PM
Good to hear someone else is using the pontiacs. I have one in my camaro and have heard that a pontiac is somewhere between 70 and 90 pounds heavier than a small block chevy. I've never weighed them to see for sure this is just what I've heard.

posted March 26, 2003 06:30 AM
I can't find the Chevy weight here at work,
But the Pontiac's (326 thru 455) weight is 640lbs.

rico 08
posted March 26, 2003 07:04 PM
I would say at least 90 lbs,a buick is the lightest of the other gm's and it's 75 lbs heavier.

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