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Author Topic:   a-arm bushings
posted March 24, 2003 05:32 PM
what do guys recommend to use urethane or steel bushings? thanks for the help!

posted March 24, 2003 06:35 PM
I have not run the urethane bushings yet, but I can tell ya the steel bushings require a fair amount of maintenance. You have to keep them greased well and not let rust build up in'em or they will bind up pretty quick. Also, if you ever brush the wall or another car pretty hard there is no give to'em at all, not like the urethanes or stock bushings, which makes a higher chance of bending front end components.


posted March 25, 2003 08:52 PM
I runa solid busing in the big side, and a rubber oem stlye in the small side. The rubber doesnt give much, but I feel that somethings gotta give some down there. Having soild on both means the A-arm is really under a bind.

posted March 26, 2003 08:58 AM
I'm going to run urethane, this year(I hope). I was told they have some give while wheel banging and such, much more forgiving than steel. May keep from bending tie rods.

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