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Author Topic:   fan question
posted March 23, 2003 06:27 PM
How much clearance should there be between the fan and the shroud? I have stock shroud from a V8 monte carlo that has an opening 21" in diameter. Would I be ok using a 19" fan? I haven't been able to find anything larger. Thanks.


posted March 23, 2003 07:32 PM
as long as the fan is bigger than the hole you should be fine i have always used the stock shroud no problems

rico 08
posted March 23, 2003 07:56 PM
That will only give you an inch on either side for clearance,being that tight you may have a problem with the fan hitting the shroud on a rough track,secure everything really good and it may work.

posted March 23, 2003 08:08 PM
The track we run on is pretty smooth, so I am not too worried about that. I want maximum cooling. Would a 17" fan be too small for this shroud? Thanks guys.


posted March 23, 2003 09:26 PM
Use the 19" with that shroud. You want as
little clearance as you can. I run a 1/4
to 1/2".

posted March 24, 2003 06:12 PM
The 19 would be fine. Like said by rico, secure it well and check it after a front end hit. Also, I run the fan half in and half out of the shroud on my stock, 4-cylinder and my brothers late model. It seems to be the best placement

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