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Author Topic:   A Little Loose
posted March 23, 2003 03:45 AM
Hey all I got to run first practice today and need some opinions. I have 84 Monte Carlo weights 3500 .lbs(yes it has to weight that much)I have 1200 rf, 1000 lf, 250 lr, 200 rr, have all afco stock mount shocks, sway bars are removed, aprox 1 inch of stagger acros the rear, tire pressures I ran today are 28 rf, 26 rr, and 24 across the left sides. The car was fast and really good upon entry and in the middle, however it seemed to have a very small push more like a quick slip at first coming from the middle and out of the corners but then it would make me a little loose off. So out of a million and one things what can I try to fix the loose off condition. I would like to do it with the air pressure but not sure how. Who knows maybe it just a case of a driver expecting to much, Ha

posted March 23, 2003 09:14 AM
i was going to say that too lol most times if your fine going in and loose off you need to adjust the pressure of the right foot. i would try coming down on your pressures if your running tubes you should be fine dropping the right side 2#. might also want to try to put some stagger in the front and a little more on the rear also.i'd start there and only change one thing at a time tho or you don't know what changes did what so try air this time and stagger next time if that didn't work

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posted March 23, 2003 05:22 PM
Wow that's a lot of weight they make you run,if it we're me i may try a stiffer spring in the RF a 1200 is fine with a sway bar in my opinion but may be a little light without one and especially with what you're car weighs, which may cause the car to unload the LR making the car loose on exit,but it should do it more in the center and upon entry too if that's the problem, just an idea you can try.

posted March 24, 2003 01:19 AM
Well I choose the 1200 because I have the 1022 shock on that side which is really stiff, last year for one race I ran a 1300 rf,1100 lf, 250 lr, 225 rr, with sway bars, but the front was the 12 inch racing springs which are to tall for a metric, and the back was the 9 1/2 springs threw all the ride heights crazy, but yes I tried it one nite and it drove like a eighteen-wheeler with 7 flat tires, thats why I changed to the 9 1/2 up front with spring cups and put the 13 in the back, I will try the air then stagger, Thanks,but again the problem is so minor I dont think the spring change would be nessary

posted March 29, 2003 02:17 AM
An old track favorite around here told me to read my tire pressures by seeing the dust line on my tirese on the right side. If is up in the tread on the side, the pressures are a lil high. I dont know what offset of rims you are using but something that mite help is either tucking the right rear under or pulling the left rear out. Always seemed to help me a lil. If you can run weight, move some over to the left side in the rear. Hope this helps

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posted March 29, 2003 02:05 PM
What are your tire tempatures like? If your left rear is cold and your right rear was hot, you are probably unloading the left rear too much and it is not coming back on the left. That is probably why the car pushes in the middle and is loose off.

Our car has the same problem. You might add more left side weight or put a tie down shock on the left rear.

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