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Author Topic:   front stagger
posted March 19, 2003 11:38 AM
how much front stagger is normal.I have run from 3 1/2 down to 1 " car was tight going in at 3.5 stagger so I started to reduce front stagger and add to the rear got it to turn good but I was just wondering your opinions.The tires I have to start this year aren't giving me much to play with.The tires I have now are 1/2 stagger front 1" rear.I have to use these until I win the lottery LoL.With the front being independent without sway bar is stagger necessary?

posted March 19, 2003 03:47 PM
Adding a taller RF is usually used to help with adding more crossweight into the chassis and for getting desired ride heights. Also, a larger tire at the RF will cause the car to veer left some while under braking, which can be desirable in some situations. To answer your question, if you can get your desired cross and ride heights without using a taller tire, than it is not necessary to run stagger up front. IMO.


posted March 19, 2003 04:43 PM
all you did was reduce the cross wt, which should loosen you up.

you can run reverse stagger if need be nothing is set in stone.


posted March 20, 2003 08:09 AM
Thats just how we set it up 2 years ago when I put it together.Had a bad push in the middle of the season last year which I think the main contributer was caster and camber on the rf.I was thinking that not using 1 3" smaller tire would give me more to play with to get rear stagger .I will be putting it on the scales next week . So if I put ride height back where it was and it scales similar to last year it should be ok trying to brake as little as posible .Alot of people at the track run the smaller diameter tires because there just alittle wider but I run larger thinking more tire on the rollout and dealing with the pot holes and trenchs on the track. Also this is a older ford suspension.I can adjust the lower arm by putting spacers on the strut rod.I guess I what to try something different to see if it can be better.This will be my second full year runnin and I am still in the learning process.

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