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Author Topic:   Ponderosa SpeedWay/Bardstown StreetStocks
posted March 15, 2003 10:13 PM
To all the racers that race street stock at
bardstown.If we all get together and let it be known that we want to be included at Ponderosa Speedway in Junction.I believe if enough of us reply to them that enough of us want run they could possibly include us.We all have to much fun at Bardstown competing against each other that we should do it on friday nights to? So if want to we should be heard.If not i guess we can just let chevettes take over. YA RIGHT So speak out racers!

posted March 17, 2003 12:35 PM
Hey 69er this is the bra-man. What is up?

What is the streetstocks at Ponderosa????

Who thought that up?

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