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Author Topic:   cooling system help?
neil rucker
posted March 06, 2003 09:55 PM
has anyone used conversion, such as available from "SPEEDWAY MOTORS" to plumb cooling lines from water neck to rear of intake? (w/iron heads) this is to eliminate steam pockets in heads (i think)how did it work? any help apreciated.neil

posted March 07, 2003 10:14 AM
IIRC the speedway kit comes up a little short. I seem to recall the hose lengths suplied did not work with the required orientation of the purple thermostat adaptor (Manifold interference was a issue with some manifolds)and water ports at the back of cast iron heads. And.... the lines were to small in diameter (IMO), the kit came with 1/8" pipe and AN4.

I would buy:
4) 1/4" pipe to AN6 straight adapters (Aeroquip # 2004)
4) 90 degree AN6 to 3/8" hose adapters (Aeroquip # 1532 or less expensive equiv)

4 feet)Aeroquip 3/8 socketless hose.

tap your thermostat housing for 1/4NPT (maybe build up the connection with epoxy after installing the adapters if that makes you more comfortable about limited thread engagement) or... buy the correct "under-thermostat housing" adapter from CV products.

not quite as cheap as the speedway solution, but if you outfit each of your manifolds with the 1/4" - AN6 adaptors, you can move this quickly from engine to engine.


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