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Author Topic:   Racing suit
posted March 04, 2003 12:11 PM
What is everyones opinion on the best suit out there for the money. Keeping in mind this isn't NASCAR, but Street Stock racing on a budget. I don't take safety for granted, but don't want to spend more than I need ya know? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, what about the Simpson RX-N helmet, has anyone used it? I can get it from for 380ish.......any place less expensive, or any that you all shop from? Thanks in advance.


posted March 04, 2003 07:36 PM
I have a captial book and it has a suit,gloves,neck brace,shoes, and a 2 peace suit for $199..

posted March 04, 2003 09:32 PM
I know thats a cheap price but would you want to be in even a flash fire withthat on.
I would suggest a two layer suit they are as cheap as 200 bucks and safer(to me) I personally think a 2piece is better for us because you can rip the top off quickly
if your are steaming(sweat and fire) or just too **** hot after a long run. Racers wholesale has a cool vest for less than 90 bucks that has velcro icepacks for use in hot weather. For what you are payinf for that other helment you can buy a g-forse pro air and a fast air blower system. The g-forse has a kevlar liner and some nice inner features found on much costlier helments
This is of course only my personal opinion

Light it up, Baby!

posted March 04, 2003 09:38 PM
You need to look at the SFI rating, the higher the rating the longer you can sustain being in a fire. If I'm not mistaken the proban suits are dipped in a fire resistant chemical, and the nomex are the fire resistant materials. At 1800-2100 degrees a suit with SFI 1 you can last 3 seconds till you get 2nd degree burn, and with a SFI 5 suit you can last 9.5 seconds. I guess it depends on how fast you can get out of the I got those numbers from the speedway catalog if you wanna check them for yourself, they have plenty of suits to choose from.

posted March 04, 2003 10:59 PM
The gas in a street stock burns just as hot as the gas in a Winston Cup car. SFI 5 should be minimum with nomex underwear. Gloves and shoes are also a necessity. When exiting a burning car with burning gas on the ground you cannot choose where you put your hands and feet.

Helmet: Always choose a Snell SA rating. M rating is for motor scooters and the lining will burn. Your neck is designed to hold up your only head. Any thing you put on it to make it heavier is bad. The Kevlar/ carbon fiber helmets are more expensive but a LOT lighter. What's the old saying, "If you have a $10 body then buy $10 worth of protection." My body is old but it is ****ing ***n well worth more than 10 bucksto me. SLEEPY

posted March 05, 2003 09:01 AM
You can get a two layer one piece from speedway for around 200 bucks.

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