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Author Topic:   lightening a powerglide
posted February 23, 2003 07:12 PM
i am running a powerglide for the first time smd cannot believe the improvement in throttle response with the powerglide. my question is this, i am running a 1.76 low right now, the guy that does my tranny will change the gear set to a 1.82. this will give me a better final drive. my tranny guy said he would change the gear set for free, he also told me he could send the 1.82 gear set to have some machine work done to lighten them up and this would cost about 60 bucks because he doesnt do it himself. would you guys advise me to have this done or not. my tranny guy said i didnt have to do it,he just said it was an option he had with the 1.82 gear set he didnt have with the 1.76

posted February 24, 2003 07:03 AM
The 1.82 is already 2.2 Lbs. lighter than a 1.76 lightening it for a street stock probably won't make any improvement.

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