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Author Topic:   selling parts
posted February 12, 2003 09:31 PM
and to answer the question is this place as bad as who won?? the short answer is NO... Jammin does a GREAT job with this site. From the start this site was controlled, Jammin did NOT let people bash.....anyone or anything.........NOW it almost NEVER needs to be least not by the web-master..........the MEMBERS control it themselfs by not posting negitive things. The users of the site are self-controlled people.

This site is for everyone to learn, enjoy, and share thoughts............and we welcome new members every day.....and we welcome you, the classifieds here are looked at by people wanting to buy things and that is where a for sale ad should be placed..... Normally Jammin will just move the post to the correct folder and NOT delete the post. He may have just moved it for you.......this has happend in the past........

Xracer69, welcome aboard, please latch the safety belt around you lap,and enjoy the ride..........keep your hands inside the ride at all times, no standing and waving to your freinds either. I will assume you are tall enough to ride the big kids rides.

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posted February 13, 2003 09:28 PM
Thanks Jeff....69, here is my rule of ads in the forum they go under....if you post them in a tech forum, they will be moved, if you post them in 2 tech forums, they will be removed.


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