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Author Topic:   305 vs. 350
posted February 06, 2003 05:44 PM
I need some help - I got a sbc with casting #355909. Mortec shows this motor to be a 305 Year: 76 - 79 2 bolt main. Can I make a 305 competitive with a 350ci in a Factorystock division on a 1/2 mile track? Compression is to be no higher than 9:1 according to track rules. The car is to weigh 3400# minimum. Would a Holley 4412 be better than a quadrajet for this motor as well in regards to volumetric efficiency? This is going to be my first year of racing but I do want to be highly competitive! This motor also has a TH350 behind it. Any help or information I can get would be greatly appreciated! Also what type of cam would be best for this motor? Thanks, Kent

posted February 06, 2003 05:56 PM
Thanks Dirtbandit! I guess I will keep looking for another motor!

posted February 07, 2003 12:16 AM
if you gear it right you might be able to keep up but not be very competative in that heavy of a car with a 2 brl get a 350 you'll be much happier i ran a stock 307 a few years back real good on super dry slick or sloppy but if the other guys could hook it up forget it bye bye birdy. if all else fails you can stroke it with a 400 crank we have guys around here that do that but it works best when it's not in traffic

posted February 07, 2003 10:43 AM
To put it in perspective, the bore of a 305 is 3.736, the bore of a 350 is 4.000, the stroke is the same so a 350 is like having a 305 bored out .264 (that's over a quarter of an inch) if you are locked into a compression rule, definetely the 350, it simply makes more power right out of the box.

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