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Author Topic:   rear engine plate
posted January 30, 2003 01:04 PM
I know a lot of mods and late models run then but never seen a street stock have one.

RC Racing
posted January 30, 2003 03:44 PM
Run out of shop with 3 Limited Late Models. We all have a rear engine plate btw 350 & the glide. (and excuse me, but I don't know all the correct terminology, so I'll try to fully describe everything so as not to confuse)

1) install the torque converter (tc) until you hear/feel two "clicks", insuring that you're on the tranny shaft splines propery.
2) back the tc out of the glide approximately 1/4". This 1/4" should be about 1/2 the depth of the slot on tc's convertor hub
3) insure the nub on the front (engine side) of the tc fits into the back of the crank. It should fit in there deep enough to support the tc (maybe 1/8"), but the tc shold still spin freely. In other words, it shouldn't bind as it would if it were extended too deeply into the crank. If the nub isn't long enough, have a tranny or tc specialist shop weld on and machine an extension to the nub. I've done this once.
4) Add washers between flexplate & tc. We've never had to add more than 2

Hope this helps


posted January 31, 2003 08:41 PM
I've never ran an engine plate before, but I do have the rear mounts that mount between the engine and the bell housing and I don't use a trans mount. Haven't had a problem yet.


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