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Author Topic:   Triple Disk Clutch?
posted January 01, 2003 08:32 PM
When running a triple disk do you or should you use a hydraulic setup, or can you use a heavy duty shifter fork.
I'm new to triple disk and can use some help....

posted January 01, 2003 09:57 PM
either one will work okay. i use a pull type slave cylinder and stock clutch fork with my ram assault weapon. if you use the stock clutch fork, you'll need to order the ram release bearing as it is different than a stock release bearing. if you use the stock release bearing, pedal effort will be increased greatly.

posted January 02, 2003 05:47 AM
Thanks outlawstock17, that explains it better. with the cost involved with a triple I would like to understand it better before purchase.
By the way nice number "17", when this car is done i'll be third generation 17.

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