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Author Topic:   terminator front springs?
posted December 09, 2002 10:47 PM
myself i would go with the 1200rf and 1000lf thats how i have the front springs on mine setup but i run a high bank 3/8 track also my car has to way 3400lbs

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posted December 10, 2002 02:54 PM
I race a terminator on 1/2 miles and 4/10 mile tracks. I found the best setup for me is 1000LF and 1100RF. You also have to take into account the shocks and the geaomentry of your front end.

posted December 10, 2002 03:33 PM
Call Mark and ask him! He's a nice guy, I'm sure he'll offer advice.

(515) 832-4937

posted December 10, 2002 05:32 PM
spend the money and buy a terminator ,its worth it

posted December 16, 2002 09:32 PM
its worth it becouse u have all of marks experince to help u out, and there price is better than most other companys, just my opinion

posted December 17, 2002 11:46 PM
As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter if it is a terminater, SCS, home built or what. They are all going to be close. The difference in the car makes is primarily in the cage design and other small items. There isn't much you can do with a stock stub frame class.

We ran IMCA stock cars from 1990-1997 and most of the time with the lighter weight cars we had towards the end which weighed 3200-3300 we ran 1100-900 in the fronts and 225-175 in the rear. I always ran more split in my cars than anyone else. We were fairly successful.

But alot of guys ran a 1000 in the Lf with a either a 1100 or 1200 in the right front and some only ran a 25 # split in the rear.

I think that you will be close in any of the above recomendations and the most important part is getting your percentages where you want them and choosing the right shocks and wheel offsets for the current track conditions.

Another valid point is getting your driver confortable. I have gave advice to people since we left the class. Sometimes guys as fast out of the box with my setup and other times we have to tighten or loossen the car a little bit to get the driver comfortable.

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