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Author Topic:   Move pullbar left?
posted December 08, 2002 09:47 AM
I have a 3 link metric front car. the top link is mounted just to the right of the pinion.I was thinking of making new mounts to put the pullbar to the left of the pinion this would make the top link about 2/3thrds the leghnth of the trailing arms.The car works good on heavy tracks as is but on dry slick I can't get much forward bite.90% of the time I'm on dry slick.Is this worth the effort or are there better ways to get what I'm looking for with the setup I have.the panhard is behind mounted left on the frame.
Would a front mounted J bar do the same or maybe do both.

Pa FastBoys
posted December 08, 2002 11:20 AM           
We ran a 3 link for years and won alot of races. One problem with the back mounted panhard bar is you give up forward bite on a slick track. Try running a j-bar or strait bar from infront of the rearend from left to the pionion. I would also try moving the pull bar from the right to the left of center on the top of your rearend. Having it mounted on the right side loads our RR tire and on slick you want to load your LR tire, and moving your pull bar to the Left wil do that. good luck...