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Author Topic:   ump rules
old hippie xx
posted December 07, 2002 09:06 AM
does anyone know when the rules are comming out, and if quick changes are going to be legal

posted December 07, 2002 09:08 PM
I spoke with Bob Memer of UMP at the PRI show in Indy. I asked this question and sadi that no quick changes will be ran this year.
However he did say that there is a real good chance that quick changes would be allowed in 2004.

When I heard this I let him know that I thought this was a mistake and a good way to run off cars that run both IMCA and UMP tracks. Plus I told him that I have a lot invested in FOrd 9 inch stuff and would not be switching.

I also mentioned that once UMP went with quick changes that the only difference between MOds and Late Models would be the the tires and no fenders.

This did not seem to phase them. I can tell that I am not pleased if UMP decides to go with the quick change.