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Author Topic:   Pullbar length ?!?
posted November 27, 2002 01:30 PM
We run a dw8 with a solid 26" pullbar @ 17 or so degrees. I have seen a lot of guys start to run REALLY long pullbars. This, I would think, would transfer even more weight from the front of the car to the rear tires. The MAX distance we have room for would be 43" and we would be running a spring pullbar. My question is, if this will make a difference, what should we expect to happen? How would it affect handling? I will make a fool of myself and give you all my not-so-educated GUESS. If you are pulling more weight off the front of the car, it seem to me like it would make the car want to push because it would be like trying to pull the front wheels off the least more so than with the shorter bar. So the ratio of front weight to rear weight would change. This, if I am thinking right, could possibly not be all that bad. If you want the car to handle the same as it did w/ the short bar and everything else remaining the same, you would have to take weight off the rear of the car to make the ratio that I was talking about above the affect, this would make the overall weight of the car lighter. Any ideas?? I would like to hear some educated thoughts before we go and waste our time w/ this if it will not work.

Thanks in advance!

posted November 27, 2002 08:49 PM
My pullbar is almost 43" long and trust me it works having it that long. I run either 600lb or 700lb spring in it. Go to my website and look at some of the pictures to get an idea on how to mount it that long.