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Author Topic:   swing arm/threelink
posted November 21, 2002 04:08 PM
With 2 swingarms (no z-link) we didn't have a hole lotta rear steer.

So we just took the slider off the swingarm on the left side and mounted it to the axle.
This put a bunch of rear steer in the car. Did the wheely and all that.

Both swingarms were the 12" afco's
(14.5" eye to eye)

Have a jet car now, started with 21" swingarms (with z-link) on both sides.
Hated this car until we took the z-link off of the LR and put a the 12" swing arms on this car. Improved foward bite a ton.

Just my experience. with these setups.
Ive found over the last few years is the shorter the bar, the more angle the better off you are.

There is obviously a limit to this, 14" is about as short as i would go. Watch wheel hop on entry. this usually means that theres too much angle in the trailing arms.

We also run the long panhard bar across the back, but still can pick up LF. If you want it too 3-wheel, put a shorter panhard bar on the car. I find it unstable/unpredictable with the shorter panhard bar.

Hopefully what ive tried can help you.
Usually you just need to try stuff until something works, and you can drive the **** thing. I hate spinning out, so I always go easy for a few laps when you get to making changes like this. Car will be a lot different.

posted November 23, 2002 07:20 AM
Woody what i can gather here you left the rear end floating and clamped the left rear spring on the housing and keep the right spring on the swingarm was you left spring softer than the right what spring rates did you run