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Author Topic:   Speedway Modified
posted November 15, 2002 10:23 AM
I recently bought my first modified after racing in a local factory stock division.
I have a few questions for you. I think the car is a three link with biscut bar and springs are on sliders infront of the rearend.

1. What is the difference between a 2link with pull bar and a 3link with pullbar?

2. And can anyone give me a basic setup to use? The track is a semi-banked 3/8 that stays tacky most of the time.
If you could tell me where i should position the springs, pull bar angle, panhard bar starting place, angles on trailing arms, and caster camber for the front end, and toe.

Thanks in advance Brian

just a place to start thats all

posted November 15, 2002 10:43 AM
1. 2 link and 3 link terms are interchangeable. 2 refers to the 2 trailing arms and 3 inludes trailing arms and pull bar or '3rd link' they are one in the same.

2. If you mean this is a Speedway motors car i beleive they are built by sardeson racing so if you check out their website you will prob find the chassis settings you need.

In general I would leave the rear springs in front. We try to get as much pull bar angle as we can. Run the trailing arms uphill to the chassis, maybe a little steeper on the left.

Panhard would depend on what kind of bar you run short, long, or j bar.

Caster and Camber would be a good one to ask Sardeson about or look into their site.

posted November 15, 2002 10:44 AM
It may cost $25, but the builder's manual that Speedway sells to put their kit car together has all of that stuff in it.


posted November 16, 2002 10:00 AM
Thanks very much for the info guys. The car has a long panhard bar thats mounted to the frame on the left hand side.

Thanks again for the info Brian