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Author Topic:   Best Rear Suspension
DirtTrackRacingRules 3 8
posted November 13, 2002 04:03 PM
I like the 3 link because it is simple, fewer parts, easy to work on and they are consistent.

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posted November 13, 2002 04:43 PM
Originally posted by DirtTrackRacingRules 3 8:
I'm just wondering what everyone has found to be the best rear suspension.

That's a good question. I'd like to see the pro's and con's of the different types.

jhon hollomon
posted November 13, 2002 04:46 PM
I know that leaf springs are real consistent. We had pretty good luck with them last year. I'd like to try a swingarm setup this year.

posted November 13, 2002 05:20 PM
best rear suspension is the one you understand. A 4bar may be "the best" in one's eye, but if the guy aint got a clue then he's out to lunch.

modified 01
posted November 13, 2002 06:51 PM
I would have to agree with 2nd2none. You have to know what YOU have or you're ******* !

posted November 13, 2002 07:41 PM
I started with swing arm on my first modified and I have stuck with swiag arm ever since! Currently I run a Short swinr arm car built by Rich of Custom Performance!!

posted November 13, 2002 08:17 PM
I gotta quick question on this one..

Is a swingarm and a birdcage the same thing?

I've always just called it a birdcage, with or without brake floaters.

Got this new car not too long ago and I'm still learning the rear end on it.

The 3link car I have is a piece of cake. Nice, simple, and consistant, probably my favorite at this time for asphalt. Coil spring upper link.

old racer
posted November 13, 2002 08:44 PM
i agree with old racer, go with what you understand and keep building on it(your knowledge of what you have- what works and what doesn't) seen many get caught in that trick of the week deal. been there -done that!you cant be consistant if you change rear suspensions every year, just changing springs, shocks and roll centers will give you a "new" rear suspension. now change how the car reacts to these changes with different geometry and you got a stiff learning curve to deal with. at our track i think we have every type of rear suspension possible out there and on any given night any one can be fast john