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Author Topic:   Berts and Brinns, love em or hate em?
posted November 13, 2002 02:30 PM
Your on a mission aren't ya. No one is going to make you happy on this deal reguardless of what anyone says because your on a mission to dismantle a is simply not going to happen here. If you have your car hooked up, it won't matter from one night to the wont be spinning. Max RPM's are at the end of the straightaway. If your RPM's are changing that much, you have an inconsistent driver.
On a Bert and Brinn, the whole clutch is submersed in oil...not true with the layne....on a bert/brinn, the internal gears turn in the oil...not true on a bert/brinn...It takes 2 horsepower(2) to turn the Layne tranny 7000 rpms. It will not happen on a bert or brinn tranny because of the drag within the tranny. Now, I am not running a bert or brinn down my any means, they are good stable transmissions but the Layne's are better.
If you allow an aftermartket cased tranny in this class,and you think a Layne is high priced, you ain't seen nothing yet.
It just ain't gonna stop there. This deal is about stock versus aftermarket. If you have the brains to build a stock unit that is lighter, better than the rest, by all means do it. Thats what this class is about. Just like you having a powerglide done, I had a 4 speed difference except I paid more. Everything has it's price, you pay for the latest pistons, ignition, carbs....etc....paying 1000 bucks for a carb aint nothing.... why would a tranny be any different? Your paying for technology and experience. No one said any of this would be cheap. The deal is, with the aftermarket cases, a whole new can of worms is going to be opened, and it is going to cost everyone a mint to stay in racing.....That's not what I want....I dont know about you. I will go run purestock.

old racer
posted November 13, 2002 04:51 PM
More technology will be added to these aftermarket parts with the abundance of racers there are in this class. With this amount of people involved in a specifc class, this will turn into a technology free for all. You can't reinvent the wheel, but you sure can make it lighter and lighter and faster and faster...with that, all comes down to more money out all of our pockets to race. Up up and away!

This is just my 2 cents...

posted November 13, 2002 08:49 PM
Jammin, I've been too busy to stop by lately, and that could have been a good thing from looking at this subject.

But as everyone knows, I like these talks....hehehehehe

Jammin, you stated in the start of this subject what tranny you run and saves you money. Those were your words, and I believe you are mis-informed. UNLESS you got that Layne for little or nothing....OR YOU HAVE A ENDLESS SUPPLY OF CASH TO SPEND are mis-informed.

I won't argue about which tranny gives the advantage....bert, brinn, or Layne.....what I do know to be FACT is this.....if you spent say 3500 on a Layne you couldn't afford tires, shocks, or some other parts. IF YOU ARE THE AVERAGE RACER IN I.M.C.A.

I promise you would be MUCH faster with a Bert and fresh tires every night rather then have a Layne and old wore-out tires because that's all you can afford now..........

To Open the tranny rule will only allow the low-buck guys a chance to compete with the other cars. As you stated this Layne helped you run with the BIG motors that cost 10,000 well think about a guy running a tire with a bunch of shows being able to afford new tires......NOW HE TOO CAN COMPETE.

You try hard to blame the old late model racers in your area for driving up the cost, and you are right sometimes. But to THINK a Layne is cheaper and better in the long run?? I know people buy their product for a reason.......the reason is to have a advatage.

Your concern is to save all of modified racing.........then outlaw anything NOT STOCK .......including the layne you run.

Every racer needs to decide what they think will get their car to the front. I can't afford then I need to decide with my budget what parts will provide the MOST benefit.......I would take the bert tranny with 25 tires on the side over a Layne ANY day.

This is NOT a knock on Layne ot thier products......they only provide the cutomer wants ........the customers happen to be racers that want every advatage they can get and their customers don't seem to compain about price. The people that compain abou tthe price of Layne products are the people like me that can afford to purchase them to use ourselfs. I also feel that anyone that needs to purchase a 3500 tranny for 400 to win is a little out of touch and should also move up to the late model class. someone like you jammin spend 3500 on a tranny to compete with people you say should race a lte model because they have 10,000 in the motor????? You must have gotten a good deal on their product. I only wish I could afford one for myself, but sense I can't afford one the Bert with 25 tires is a better deal.......I can't afford 3500 tranny plus 25 tires

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posted November 14, 2002 05:15 AM           
I guess I'll wait til the rules come out next week. If they let bert/brinns in I guess I'll try to find one.