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Author Topic:   2003 Rules IMCA
posted October 29, 2002 12:22 PM
What will IMCA change for 2003

posted October 29, 2002 03:21 PM
any chance might allow bert or brinn?

posted October 29, 2002 08:00 PM
I e-mailed IMCA with that exact question, I got only that they will address it at the rules meeting.

posted October 30, 2002 08:31 AM           
I asked that same question last year and pretty much got a "that'll never happen" response.

I for one sure hope they'd at least consider it. They can't claim its about money, safety or performance as there are examples of each that are both above and below Bert/Brinns in the current rules.

posted October 30, 2002 08:43 PM
I e-mailed them a couple days ago about this same question. They said they couldn't say yes or no because they were still deliberating the issue. They said their rules would be out in a couple of weeks.

old racer
posted November 02, 2002 10:59 PM
Sounds like a little give and take to me. But why eliminate roller cams when you have a claim rule?

old racer
posted November 03, 2002 02:43 PM
If you can figure that out let us all know. Most races in our part of the country are super dry slick. Those rollers aren't the secret to going fast here. It makes no sense when IMCA now has the sport mod class. Give us the Bert and Brinn and let us go race. The racing is super competitve everywhere, WHY MESS WITH IT. Some say it is an effort to keep IMCA drivers from attending USTMS and other special shows. Have to wait and see.