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Author Topic:   How Long is your Shorty Bar
posted October 29, 2002 07:19 AM
I just started driving a modified this year, and my car come with a shorty bar on it. My bar is like 10-11 inches long. I was wondering if this was too short. the car would react way to fast for me. I went to the long panhard bar, and slowed the reactions down a lot. Just not sure if its faster. I also had problems with shock travel and spings binding and stuff like that. I have had some terrible luck with my rearend setup. I have since then put swingarms back on the car, and moved the springs to sliders, both springs infront of the axle. What do you guys think about all this. What spring rates would you recomend trying. right now, Tom Carpenter from Smileys told me to put a 275, 250 on the rear, way to hard or what? oh yeah my swing arms are about 13-15 inches long. I am having withdrawls from my shorty bar though. I am ready for the 3 wheelage, lol

posted October 29, 2002 08:09 PM
I am starting with a 350 on the LR and a 325 on the RR. They are mounted to the swing arm though... I have heard the rule of thumb is if you mount on the swingarm, cut the rate in half...i.e., 350lbs = 175lbs if on the the sliders or on the housing. Much of it depends on your track. I race a 3/8 mile that is fast, heavy and rough. For a slick track, that sounds about right.

posted October 29, 2002 10:09 PM
I run a 9 inch short panhard bar swing-arm car 19 inch arms 300lr 250 rr about 100lbs of bite and love it