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Author Topic:   what hp do you need to run mods??
posted October 03, 2002 08:08 AM
If your moving from a street stock to a mod I would be very conservative with the Horse Power for the first while you learn how to handle the car ,Ive seen it time and time again as rookies with too much power getting scraped off the wall because they wanted to be "competitive" right away .

posted October 03, 2002 04:47 PM
there is no magic # here what works for one guy will not work for another and the track has alot to do with it too. say you run a 1/4 mile and i run a big 1/2 you can get by with alot less horse power then you would on a big fast track handleing has alot to do with it alos you can put out 7-800 horse but with an 8 in tire it's sometimes a waste. we run on a small 1/2 and most guys are running 383's or 406's. but get that thing to handle with what you have now and then put a horse in it the fast guys know how to set it up they don't always have the biggest pony out there

posted October 04, 2002 06:00 AM
I can only speek for myself and what I was told when I bought my mod. Same as Geffy95x and Racer17j are saying. I started with the least powerful motor I had. A simple 355 with double hump heads, thats it. I put my efforts into the chassis and it payed off. I was in the double digits for wins. Thats the way to go.

posted October 04, 2002 07:04 AM
I would have to agree witht the previous posts. In mods with the 8" tire too much power will hurt you every time especially when the track dries out. Sure there are times where you can use it but for the most part the key is setup. You have more adjustments than in your street stock so you can get the car to work better and not need a bigger motor. Get a good 355 with a good bottom end and decent heads and you should be good to go. Get the car setup and working good, then add more motor if you need it.

posted October 04, 2002 08:58 AM
i agree with all the above. mod and stock cars are alot different. learn the chassis, read books ask questions. smoth running 355 is te way to start. you can have 800 horse and still get whippede by a 500 horse 355.

posted October 07, 2002 02:32 PM
I run B-mod with a 358 windsor ford with stock gt40-p heads and two barrel carb. maybe putting out 380 hp or so. Last race of the season, was leading my heat and guys who were timing me said I was only .1 of a second off of the fastest mod time. This was a very tacky track. I have just figured out the right combo for my car and know how to drive it very hard into the corner. This is the most important thing for me, just learn how to push the car to the edge and get away with it. Low horsepower will help a lot on a dry track where nobody can hook up. Also, don't necessarily look at hp numbers. The torque numbers are most essential. Port velocity determines that. i.e. don't buy huge port heads unless your bottom end can handle 10,000 rpms.