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Author Topic:   speedway chassis???????
posted August 16, 2002 07:09 PM
can any one give me any info on speedway chassis?I cant seem to find any thing about them.thanks in advance.

Racer X
posted August 16, 2002 09:23 PM
found one 4-sale at a good buy.just doing research.can you tell me who sells them and is there any info on the internet,if so where can i find it? are you happy with yours?thanks for your help

Racer X
posted August 17, 2002 03:31 AM
I have a Speedway kit that I built for last year, and here are my recommendations if you intend to build the kit...

1) My biggest area of concern... Cage height... I think the height of their cage is about 4 to 6 inches too low, unless you are a member of the "Lollipop Guild", you know, the munchkins from Wizard Of Oz. I set the main upright on top of the 2 x 3 on the left and the 2 x 2 on the right and still had to lower the interior next to the driver to get the IMCA mandated 12" clearance. If I were doing it again, I would throw the main upright and the 2 "A" pillars in the scrap and go have taller ones made. I would actually like to se everything a little taller.

2) Donor frame selection--- whatever you use, try to get the complete frame and take it to the frame machine and get it absolutely correct.Put some removable X's in it, then cut the back frame off. It will save you some time getting it square on the jig and you know what you are starting with. I built mine on a '76 Regal frame, so I'm plenty heavy. I like the width of this frame and it made the car about the right width for my taste, just too heavy. I don't know how the thing would do on a small metric, but if I did it again, I would use the metric Impala. Its lighter than the '76 Regal, but nearly the same measurements and you don't have to worry about having to use the old Nova lowers.

3) set-up --- I've really not had too much trouble making this car go, it is a 2 link with a pull bar. I kind of do things on my own, so my learning curve seems to be a little longer, but I used it as my back-up car this year, and ran 2nd, 3rd, 12th, & 8th. I took it to Mississippi in Feb. and went from the tail to the front before the motor exploded on the 1/4 mile. I was REALLY comfortable on that short track (I only run 1/2 miles for the most part and had never run a short track like that before).

If you are going to Boone next week, look me up. I'm making my first trip to the nationals with this car. It'll be the blue/yellow/red #62