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Author Topic:   right rear spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted July 26, 2002 05:49 PM
I have built 2 swing arm cars and they worked best with 275 lr spring and a 250 rr spring. Part of the problem may be too soft of rr spring.

posted July 26, 2002 06:00 PM
Also too much lr bite and or too much cross can cause a loose/lack of forward bite problem. I have found out that more than 80-120 lbs of bite is too much. I have a 3 link car i am running , metric stub nova lowers pinto spindles with a 60" centered rear long trailing arms about 22", long pullbar with 600lb sring and a short j bar. i am running 650 lf 750 rf and 200 springs lr/rr and i have the % at 52 ls 56 rear and 50 cross and i have all the bite both forward and side bite that i need in fact i have been slowly taking some out to make the car go thru the corners better. Also i have just 20 lbs of lr bite and i am running 4" offsets in the rear and 3" offsets in the front to keep the rear narrow and front wide.
Hope this will help some, richard webster

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