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Author Topic:   modified blue prints
posted July 08, 2002 09:06 PM
besides Steve Smith's imca blue prints that you can order for 18 bucks does anyone out there have any blueprints or know where some are posted?

posted July 08, 2002 09:36 PM
No other ones besides smiths i know of and by the way i have built one by smith prints and some of the measurements are off.

posted July 08, 2002 11:00 PM
Good to know!!

posted July 09, 2002 07:03 PM
I think the smith blueprints are more of a guide then any type of real plan. I also had a set and found you can not trust the diminsions on the plans, if you do you will end up redoing it.

posted July 09, 2002 08:43 PM
Speedway Motors sells a book to put their prebent chassis together, dont know for sure if its like blueprints or just a manual for their chassis

Also, has anyone ever bought one of these kits and how well did it go together?

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posted July 10, 2002 09:49 AM
Port City Racing in Muskegon, Michigan has a chassis blueprint and step by step video. I don't recall the price but do yourself a favor and get plans AND video. It will give you all of the info you will need.

posted July 10, 2002 10:16 PM
My 2001 car is a Speedway Kit car. I'd really never started totally from scatch before, so I had a few mis-cues. The biggest problem with the kit is nothing is labeled as to what it is. I took the obvious parts (the big ones) and put them on the car and when I got down to the bars that I couldn't readily identify, I just started mocking things up and looking at what worked in the places that I had yet to build. My biggest gripe about the chassis is head room. I put the main uprights for the cage on top of the Square/rectangle tubing where the book said to bore a hole and set the cage tube inside (don't worry, I addressed the shear strength issue by putting a slug into the square that reaches into the roll tube). I still had to make the so-called trap door in the interior decking on the passenger side to get the IMCA required 12" min. window opening. In order to get enough clearance for my bucket-head under the roof, I had to recline the seat a bit. You DirtWorks guys would have a cow. I used most of the Speedway design for the cage and front clip in my 2002 car that I have now, I just made it 4" taller. I sat in a Dirt Works the other night for the first time, and it still had more room overhead.