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Author Topic:   Weight transfer and rear coil spring location
posted July 02, 2002 01:37 AM
I have had the same problem with the long panhard bar. It loads the right rear hard going into the corner and makes it hard to turn. I think the J-bar will help loosen up your car in the middle of the corner.

posted July 03, 2002 03:38 PM
Your springs and shocks do need to be as close to the tires as possible. This is where they have the greatest effect as far as planting the tires for traction and handling. The long rear panhard bar does load the right rear getting in the turn. Going to a shorter j-bar isn't going to help your problem of being to tight in the middle of the turn. Actually, it could make it a little worse. Because the shorter the bar, the faster it will work. If you don't want to change the shock and spring location, try raising the panhard bar about 1" on the frame side. This will keep the car from rolling over so much, thus, it will loosen the car on entry and in the middle. I ran my Smileys car with the panhard bar level. What chassis do you run? You need to calculate your roll center and see where it is. If your roll center occurs outside the spring an shock location, then raising the panhard bar will make your problem worse. If your roll center is outside the shock and spring location, then lower your bar, this will loosen the car up getting in and in the middle of the turns. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help you anymore. Where do you race? I am from north texas area, too.

Greg Moran

posted July 15, 2002 02:07 AM
Hey Greg,

Thanks for the feedback. From your handle it looks as if we both may run the same number on our cars (#7).

This winter I was in the market for a new chassis to replace my elderly D&M. After some shopping, I was able to pickup a Millenium Modified for a much lower than retail price when the original customer that the car was built for had backed out the purchase.

I have a four hole panhard bar bracket on the rear end and like you mentioned run it level - in the top hole which is similiar in height with the top of the axles (with driver and 32 gallons of fuel).

Since the time of my original post I have had to remove the housing from the car to be straightened. So while the rearend was bare it seemed like a good time to do the required welding. After much labor, the springs are now closer to the wheels.

Being from this area you are aware that there are only about 4 tracks around Dallas that run hoosiers. I started out at the Devils Bowl and stuggled for a few seasons learning modifieds. We had a lot of fun racing there but were completely under powered in comparison to the competition. After 4 motors half way through last season (claimer and stock stuff doesn't live there for very long), we pieced together what we had left and gave 85 Speedway a try. Our high point was winning a B-main in the old car.

This year we have run mainly at 85, but occasionally venture out to Outlaw or Cowtown. I am hoping the spring relocation will help move us closer to having a successful season

Glad to have your input!

Darby Shelby