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Author Topic:   m&m chassis
posted July 01, 2002 06:35 PM
I dont think He has a website. The owners name is MIke Humphrey.SP?You might want to look up M&M in Colona OR Green Rock Illinois.? THe towns merged a while back and I cant remeberwhich way. We used to run one of his cars. Actually it was the 2nd one we had. We had some success with the cars, but the owner/driver went to a dirt works 2 years ago. A lot of guys around here are running them. I think Tim Donlinger is running one as well.

posted July 14, 2002 11:26 PM
M&M Motorsports / Carbon Cliff,Il

posted July 15, 2002 07:33 AM
these are very fast, good quality cars from what i have seen, there are many of these racing in this area and are very successful. I don't personally have one, but have raced against them and they are fast and durable and i I have a few friends that have them.