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Author Topic:   Pull-Bar spring fighting 90-10 shock
posted June 29, 2002 03:47 PM
Are you using the full stroke? On my old car the shock was extended pretty far sitting still. I ended up making a two inch extension that went on the shaft of the shock then the heim went on the end of it so it could fully extend.

posted July 02, 2002 09:48 AM
I ran into that exact problem on a GRT mod. We didn't find it until the shock broke the front mount and suddenly the car hooked up much better. We ended up cutting the front mount loose and moving it back. By the way moving the 90/10 left and right in the car is a great way to tune corner entry. Our was mounted to the right and the car was alway tight in. I moved it left about 5" and the car was much better.