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Author Topic:   Diffs?
posted June 13, 2002 01:24 PM
Do you guys have to run with a locked diff?(or no limited slip diff to be more specific).Our rules say we have to. But we are trying to make something up which will let us run less stagger, to give us more straight line speed, but not slow us down in the turns. I know you can get torque biasing diffs but these are a bit expensive. Any thoughts would be much welcome.

posted June 17, 2002 12:48 PM
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I guess that fancy diffs are about as popular as traction control over there? Just that, i think, if you need to run a lot of stagger the traction control would get beaten every time, by a torque biasing diff, & a good right foot.

posted June 17, 2002 01:04 PM
We have to run a locked rear end. No diff, no limited slip, no torque bias, nothing, except fully locked.
They will paint 2 marks on our rear tires before the race and they better line up after the race or DQ.