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Author Topic:   to fan or not to fan
posted May 29, 2002 09:17 AM
Im curious, i cant get my engine to run over 170 at the end of a 15 lap race when i get on the track its at about 140, the fan is about 1/2 inch from the radiator without a shroud. how harmful would it be to just completely remove the fan so my engine will be closer to operating temp when i get out on the track.

posted May 29, 2002 09:32 AM
I have seen guys do this in a pinch but they had to keep moving otherwise the car would heat up because there was no air coming through the radiator. I would try to find another way to get your temps up without removing the fan. In the past we have covered part of the front of the radiator with tape or something on a cold night to help keep the car warm.

posted May 29, 2002 11:02 AM
What about leaning it up a little

devil wrench
posted May 29, 2002 09:19 PM
I'm with 6m on this one. Check the plugs and maybe lean it out a little.

posted May 29, 2002 09:51 PM
Do you run a t stat? I have used a 160 for the last 4 years and run around 180 to 190 all the time.

posted May 29, 2002 10:27 PM
I'll bet there is a lot of guys reading this that wish they had that problem. I bet the motor could stand to be a bit leaner too.

posted June 04, 2002 06:51 PM
Can I damage my motor by racing it when it doesnt get warm enough? Its under 170 when I go out and might get up to 190 after the races. Should I use a thermostat?

Smith Racing Team

posted June 04, 2002 09:05 PM
Scoot, Never heard of hurting it unless it is so cold the oil thikness strips your pump drive. The biggest disadvantage is loss of power. Most believe that 220 is, I would rather run 170 to 190 and never worry about temp in a long race.

Wheels47, you say "still" when talking about gas. You do know alky runs much cooler than gas...right?

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