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Author Topic:   Z link swingarm shocks
posted March 29, 2002 07:27 AM
What do you think about moving the shocks off of the birdcages and putting them on the swingarms?I think it would soften the car alot. Anybody tride this on a Z link swingarm car?

Tom Asmus
posted March 29, 2002 07:41 PM
First of all z link and swing arm are 2 different types of setups. Z link nothing mounts to the trailing arms front or rear!

posted March 30, 2002 08:40 AM
Why do you think this? We run what we call a Z link swingarm. Bird cages with springs mounted on swingarm bars, upperbars pointed back,shocks mounted to birdcage.You may have a different name for it? Swing arm is springs mounted to swingarm bars like a 3 link but mounted on bars.Z-link similer to swingarm zlink but springs do not mount on swingarm bars.

posted April 01, 2002 06:11 PM
Hey Tom, I have a 4 link LR, Rayburn style z-link RR. The spring on the z-link side is mounted to the short swing arm. We have a birdgage mounted shock on the back. The swing arm mounts to the front. I have found that this combination does allow us to run a softer spring combination than all z-link!

I do have another question? One of my crew recently bought a car from Ia. They have long swing arms, with a fixed mount on the axle, and spring mount to the rear on LR & front on RR of the mount. Why have swing arms with nothing on them? Why not just straight bars? Why would be the advantage of having a swing arm on a fixed mount with spring on it!

Sorry if this stuff sounds dumb, but I have enough trouble trying to figure out our 4/z-link deal! Thanks!

posted April 01, 2002 10:55 PM
Tom is correct they are all different suspensions.

posted April 09, 2002 02:42 PM
To answer your question, it works just fine. I mounted the shocks in front of the coilovers and ran 2 steps stiffer shocks than normal. Usually 5 or 6 valving.

posted April 10, 2002 12:58 AM
All we are doing by putting the shocks on the swingarms,Is getting them off of the bird cages, freeing up the bird cage movement and softening the car. You can also mount them just like a 2link to the housing. All a skock does is dampen a spring.

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