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Author Topic:   Steering stops on metric w/ pinto spidle
posted March 18, 2002 07:39 AM
On dirt I wouldn't reccomend stops. If your in a corner with counter steer and misjudge your entry with a little bump you could do more damage! Bent wheel, tie rod end or it might take you out of the race.
Originally posted by 12p:
After changing your metric frame to Pinto spindles w/ metric lowers and Granada rotors, what have you done for steering stops to keep the tires from turning into the frame? Any help appreciated.

posted March 20, 2002 03:05 PM
My thinking is the soft tire hitting the frame is less violent on the suspension. When you turn to a stop, you have no more movement. Hence stop. If you then hit something or a rut something has to give. That will be the weakest link "tie rod, center link, wheel.

It's just my thinking, it maybe wrong! Check out your local up front guys, are they running stop?

posted March 24, 2002 05:06 PM
When I put my Pinto spindles on my metric frame the tire itself hit the frame before it hit the steering stops. I just left mine on and never worried about them.

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