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Author Topic:   Pinto spindles what rotors will fit?
posted March 16, 2002 08:26 AM
Looking for a rotor that will fit on a pinto spindle and move it out farther than the granada having trouble with them hitting the lower a-frame.

posted March 16, 2002 02:17 PM
I myself have not heard of any other rotor fitting except for the Granada. Have you cut off the lip on the outer edge of the control arm? This is what I have always had to do on mine. One thing I have thought about doing, but just have not done it yet, is cutting the inner edge of rotor to a larger diameter. This looks like it will work with the rotor parallel to the control arm but not sure when it is turned left or right. Just not enough time this off season to check it yet.

posted March 16, 2002 04:39 PM
you need to heat the tips of the A-arms with a torch and pound them in a little with a hammer to get clearance if they hit. Harris sells a metric rotor that they have machined to fit the pinto spindle (very light)I still had clearance problems with these. They told me it happens from time to time just depends on the A-arm and if it was stamped out properly or got bent during its previous life

posted March 16, 2002 05:54 PM
I cant find my catalog that had the needed the top of my head, Speedway motors sells a rotor that is brand new....4 3/4 bolt pattern that off sets the front 1/2 more than a Granada.....these are made in China or Tiwan.......BRAND NEW...they use a chevy full size calipar...
The also sell a brand new Granada rotor that uses a Metric calipar......and that's what you have already........they did sell one that made the front a little wider......

Sorry about not having the PROPER information to post......but with this information maybe someone out there that is more organized than myself could find the latest Speedway catalog and get that information...........

I personally use a 9 inch Mustang rotor and make my out calipar bracket for use with the Metric calipar........and have NO problem.

posted March 16, 2002 07:46 PM
99, those are NEW rotors not re-drilled...
You can buy them either 5 X 4 1/2 or 5x4 3/4...........I only point that out so people know what they are getting for $35, it's brand new made in Tiwan.......But never had a problem with the rotors......
They don't sell a bracket for useing a small metric calipar........I made some and have some that are lazer cut.......nice brackets.

Badger on the forum here was also building the same brackets, his were also lazer cut.

I have not found a magazine that sells this bracket, so you need to build you own or get ahold of someone that builds them for others.......


posted March 17, 2002 06:03 AM
I just bend the lip of the lower control arm in with a hammer for clearance like most people.

posted March 17, 2002 10:44 AM
I rum gm metric rotors on my pinto spindles my self.. jus use the bearing and race out ot the pinto rotor and your good to go..

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posted March 17, 2002 11:08 AM
I had a metric spindle and rotor assembly and a pinto spindle, granada rotor and brake bracket and I weighed them both,the metric weighed 5# less because of the heavy granada rotor. I found a ford rotor with same bearings, 10 inch ,4 3/4 x 5 bolt pattern and 10# lighter for total of 20#, only problem is I dont know what it is off of. I had to turn the inside out approx 1/8 to clear spindle.

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