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Author Topic:   thoughts on this setup for four bar
posted February 08, 2002 08:32 PM
do you have anymore details on the set up ?

Braided Dirt
posted February 08, 2002 09:55 PM
i'm not really sure how you could do it, but lifting the left rear spring up about 2-4 inches from where it's at now will give you similar effects, I believe. It's just another idea that I had.

posted February 09, 2002 12:13 AM
I got a 3 link but it is a little different than any others I have ever seen before, In that the mounts on the rear end are straight forward from the middle of the tube. I run an 700lf, 600rf, 225lr, 175rr. This gives me about 150 #'s of bite on the lr. It makes the car tight,(on a tacky track) but it really locks it down on a dry slick!! The car really rolls going into the corner and has a lot of sidebite in the turns. I run about 10 degrees angle on a 10" bar on the lr, the rr is 11" that is straight. As I said the car works good and is consistant every lap. It will let me throw it into the corner or roll in. Just depends on the track. The other thing you have to watch is your panhard placement. With this setup the car has to roll so you need to adjust your panhard to do that. I have run a j-bar and short straight bar, I like the straight bar better. Hope this helps. ltr spde