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Author Topic:   C-4 transmission coupler
posted December 29, 2001 06:47 PM
Has anybody ran a coupled ford c-4 with a ball valve. I have no real idea how it works or is setup but I would like some help. It is of course a Ford engine. Also thinking maybe a powerglide would work. Just need some info. Thanks.

posted December 29, 2001 07:08 PM
i have but the c-4 needs a heavier front pump bushing. i used the drum that held one extra set of clutch pack. also it is important to have the hoses big enough going out of the pump and just dump back into the pan.

posted December 30, 2001 08:12 AM
Yes, I've done this many times it will work well. But the direct drive coupler that i used was from towers and harwood not sure they still offer it. I mite have bot there last one, and am planning on using it in a bmod here