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Author Topic:   BELLHOUSINGS
posted December 13, 2001 11:51 AM
I run a two piece gm cast iron bellhousing. I think it's out of 57 gm truck.

posted December 13, 2001 12:52 PM
I have used the cast aluminum v6 gm bellhousing, the bert bellhousings are alot stronger and also allow for rear mount pumps.
If your breaking bellhousings you may want to check and make sure your dowel pins are long enough to engauge the bellhousing and make sure the input shaft of the transmission is square and centered with the flywheel.

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posted December 13, 2001 01:06 PM
The bert belhousing is probably the best, but expensive.

posted December 13, 2001 02:26 PM
Bicknell Products in Nigara Falls Ny make an aluminum bell housing used by the big block mods. If those monsters cant break it, a small block sure as heck wont!