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Author Topic:   Rear trailing arm mounts on rear end???
posted November 26, 2001 02:39 PM
typically If the whole trailing arm is moved down one inch it will reduce anti-squat on that side, if just the back is dropped one inch you will slightly reduce anti-squat but induce more roll/ride steer.

posted December 26, 2001 07:51 PM
The reason the trailing arm brackets have multiple holes is so the roll steer can be adjusted. If you raise the right side trailing arm up and leave the left side level (providing you have compensated for this adjustment in the wheelbase) as the car rolls to the right it will lenghthen the right side wheel base until the car returns to level. The panhard bar adjustment controls this action along with the spring rates and shock valving. This in my opinion is a better way to turn the car in corner than sliding it.