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Author Topic:   coil spring sliders
posted November 24, 2001 09:33 AM
For yall that run the coil spring sliders. Do you run the same lenght slider on each side of the rear end or do you run diffrent lenghts on each side?

posted November 25, 2001 06:14 PM
I run the same size on both sides.


posted November 25, 2001 07:49 PM
Mine are the same on both sides also.

posted November 26, 2001 05:39 PM
I don't run the same length sliders. My left side has a longer shaft than my right. You need to measure your travel. Make sure that you're not over extending the left and possibly picking up the axle, and make sure that if you're getting a lot of roll and travel on the right, that you're not bottoming out the shaft. I use the older Harris sliders that incorporate a solid 1/2" shaft which enables me to cut my shafts to whatever length I want, and then rethread.