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Author Topic:   An attack on our Nation...
posted September 11, 2001 12:31 PM           

I am sure that everyone is aware of the cowardly attack on our nation this morning. I was watching the morning news and witnessed, as did millions of Americans, the second attack on the World Trade Centers and their subsequent collapses as well as the attack on the Pentagon.

Many innocent people were just going to work, going home to their families, and untold reasons for boarding those planes ans in those buildings. An act of the utmost in cowardice robbed them of their lives and their families of their precious loved ones.

I would like to extend our sympathies and our heart felt condolences to the families that has loved ones either injured or killed in the malicious attack on us all as Americans.

Please join me and my family in our prayers for these innocent people and for our Nation. We have only to look up for comfort and understanding. God is, and will be merciful. May God Bless America.



posted September 11, 2001 03:05 PM
God bless you Jerry and Mike for your thoughts. I reread the book today and I see instances where the Lord extracted terrible vengence on unrepentent evil. My prayers mirror yours for the victims but my humble request is for a clear trail to the responsible to appear and for the Devine guidence to help our strike hit the target.
God Bless America.
Jay Guthrie

posted September 11, 2001 06:10 PM
My thoughts and prayers are also with the families, friends and co-workers of the innocent victims.

The Peddler

posted September 11, 2001 08:44 PM
our thoughts and prayers are with them also

posted September 11, 2001 10:01 PM
This will continue to touch our lives for years to come. The only thing we can do is pray for the victims and their families. Always remember that here but by the grace of God go I.

posted September 12, 2001 08:27 AM

posted September 12, 2001 08:28 AM
man what a bad deal
and a helpless feeling

booting left
posted September 12, 2001 10:39 PM
Jerry that was very well said and i still cannot believe someone would do something like this our thoughts and prayers are also with all .

posted September 14, 2001 05:39 AM           

What a wonderful response you have all made.

God has sent us a message that our prayers are being heard and honored. From the rubble of a 110 story building and 2 days of being trapped, 3 people emerged alive and just slightly injured. That my friends is a true MIRACLE. Other sounds are being heard from beneath the concrete and steel that once was the World Trade Center. Again, life is being found inside these dark caverns. How terrifying it must be for those people.

Today is our National Day of Mourning and Prayer. It is a day for all Americans and all of Humanity to reach out with their hearts, prayers and thoughts. As we grieve for our lost friends, neighbors and fellow man, let us not forget the sacrifice that the rescuers are making. The horrible job of recovering bodies will weigh heavy on their hearts for the rest of their lives.

I can imagine the joy they feel when they are able to save someone's life, in what must seem like an impossible task. At the same time, I cannot even begin to imagine heartbreak of recovering the bodies of those who have died. Yet, they gather their strength and their emotions to continue their grim tasks.

May God give them the strength to continue and comfort their aching hearts. As our prayers are with the families of those who have lost loved ones, and those who are still searching for theirs, let's not forget the other human sacrifices that are being made. These True American Heroes that are giving everything they have within themselves, relentlessly searching for signs of life and gently removing those who have perished.

Our prayers have always been with them as well. Let's never forget them. We owe them all so much. They need us, too.



Donnie Ross
posted September 15, 2001 06:56 AM

posted September 15, 2001 06:10 PM
Afganistan is a very mountainous country. The Russians suffered great losses when they went in. My thought is; encircle them, bomb their food and water and wait for them to come out!

posted September 16, 2001 05:42 PM
This is not a good answer, but I had to respond.

We say God Bless America as if America is the only nation God sees over.

God is a great God and sees over all, we only hope He will make an exception for us, see over us for what we have and should do in the coming days, months, and years.

God Bless America is also a phrase that we can all understaand and recite as a whole and that will rally all of America.

As I said not a good answer, but I had to say something

May God be with Us.
The Peddler.

posted September 16, 2001 10:49 PM

posted September 17, 2001 07:56 AM           
Poboy2 is right; FAITH.

God lives in our hearts. I personally believe that he allows things to happen to us so we may look away from our worldly things and look UP. The Bible is full of stories that shows His wrath and His love. The Bible tells us that "there will be wars and rumors of wars" throughout out existence on the earth. Look around you, wars everywhere. Even here.

There are no easy answers to your questions and concerns. There is no easy way to understand why these tragedies happen. There is an avenue to help you cope. That avenue lives in your heart. When you open your heart and pray, God hears you. He will help you understand, if you just ask. Faith is the hardest thing our heart has to deal with. Because we cannot, see, feel or hear something phisically, we tend to question it's existence. Faith is the key word.

A prime example of faith in it's purest form would be a small child. A child loves you and has faith that you love them. They depend on you to take care of their every need. They don't question it, they just believe it. That's faith. You justify that faith by doing what is natural, you love them and provide for them, you comfort them when they hurt, you share their joy and their sadness. That's what parents do. They do it naturally, without thought. But yet, at times you find you have to punish them for something. Does that diminish your love? Do you abandon them? Or do you forgive them and still love them?

God is EXACTLY the same way with us, His Children. However, His love for us is far greater than any love we are capable of having or understanding, even for our own children.

Yes, we ask "why" and struggle for answers. Again, PoBoy2 is right, we must have faith. God DOES answer us and provides comfort. We have to have the faith in Him to provide those answers.

I am His child and I have asked many, many times, "why". I have been angry at Him. But, because of my faith, He removed my anger and provided me with comfort.

FAITH!! The ultimate answer. Try it, you will like it.

God has awaken the American people and we have turned to Him again. Let's not turn from Him, when things smooth out. He's here ALL the time. Good time & bad.

Prayer is talking with God. He wants us to talk to Him and misses us when we don't. How would like it if one of your loved ones didn't talk to you for days, weeks,or years. Not because they are mad at you, but because they didn't have time or wouldn't make time. You see them everyday, but they don't say a word. Not hello, goodbye, how are you, NOTHING. Maybe they only talk to you when they need you. Would that hurt? Of course it would. The same thing hurts God,too. He is with us everyday and we don't make time to talk with him. I have been guilty of the same things. But, I do talk to Him everyday, just to thank Him and let Him know I want to talk to Him. Try it.


posted September 17, 2001 08:02 AM
Iím glad to see that there are other brother and sisters involved in a sport that I love. I would believe that these guys would give you a straight up answer to any of your racing and/or lifeís questions.

RR has asked some questions that I know a lot of others have asked also; they are, however, not easily answered. I do not have all the answers, but I would like to give my thoughts on what I believe. It was not GODs will for these events to happen. He did allow them to happen. Why? I donít know, and we may never know. GOD knew that they would happen and he could have stopped them, but if he did he would have to take away the gift that he gave us so long ago. That is the gift of free will. We either love GOD or donít. If GOD took this gift away and made us love him he would not be a loving GOD would he? ď For GOD so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.Ē John 3:16, Iím sure youíve heard this before, it seems to be over quoted, but it is the word of GOD and it show us his love.

Why do we pray? I believe that we pray to let GOD know that we accept his will. We also pray for guidance. If we listen GOD will answer, but we must be still and listen to what GOD has to say and it is not always what we want. GOD planned this out long ago and he knew how we would react. Permission has to be granted by GOD for any evil that is done here on earth. This is biblical I just donít know where it is at the moment. Evil is present in our world, but GOD is able turn these circumstances around for our good. What is he going to do? I donít know but it is also written. ď And we know that in all things GOD works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.Ē Roman 8:28. Maybe GOD is going to bring us back to a nation that loves him. This is a holy war that started some 4000 years ago. These people who did this are angry that GOD did not bless them as he did Isaac. They have a god but, Iím not sure if their god and my GOD are the same. I donít know much on Bible history. I do know that the only way to the father is through the son. (JESUS CHRIST) John 14:6.

RR, I hope I have shed some light on your questions. I think faster than I can type and Iím sure I have left a lot out. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me and Iíll try to answer them. If in doubt if GOD has blessed America, just look around. We are the standard that every nation in this world either tries to be like us or envy us. GOD has Blessed America. Deed

PS Remember we will seek justice, but revenge is the LORDS. Romans 12:19 " Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for GOD's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay" says the LORD"

posted September 17, 2001 09:28 AM
RR youíve risen some very interesting questions. My dad and I talked about this very same thing yesterday. My dad and the rest of my family are Catholic and I go to a Baptist church. Iím not a ďBaptistĒ Iím a GOD loving and GOD fearing Christian. I believe that the Bible is the world of GOD. I have faith that JESUS CHRIST is my SAVOIR. Iím not involved in a religion; I have a relationship with CHRIST. Your question and my dadís are the same. They have faith that their religion(s) are right and we believe our religion(s) are right. Like I said before there is no easy or cut and dry answer. Iím still thinking of this now. I will ask some of my Christian friends the same questions.

A couple of reasons that we (America) may not feel the wrath of GOD are. 1) We have aligned our selfís with Israel as an alias. These are GOD chosen people. Think about this, how could such a small country defend against so many nations? 2) I have a friend that at one time belonged to the Islamic faith. He told me that this group is filled with hate and their goals are to kill others (especially Christians) who do not believe in what they believe. Is not one of the 10 Commandments, thou shall not kill? Again GOD has given us a free will to love him or not. If you love GOD would you go out and kill innocent people? I donít think you would. Did these people love GOD they said they did, but what did they do?

Iím not here to debate with you about what is right or wrong or whose religion is right or wrong, just trying to get you to maybe think about what others and I have written. Faith is powerful. GOD did not make religion, man did. The devil ď the author of confusionĒ has taken something man made and distorted it so much it has confused so many people. JESUS did not say go out any make religions, he said go out and make disciples. These questions you have are the same questions others have asked including a lot of Christians. My advice is to call a church and ask to talk with a pastor or priest and ask them these same questions. This is just my point of view. We or I am not dodging the questions there are things that we may never understand. This also is Biblical. Donít be surprised if they donít have an easy answer either. Good Luck.
By the way do you know were the term ďscapegoatĒ came from? The Bible. The scapegoat was the goat that the priest poured all the sins of the town onto and led him out of town with the ďsins on his back." Deed

posted September 17, 2001 12:17 PM
Thanks Deed.

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