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Author Topic:   no side bite
booting left
posted August 26, 2001 11:31 PM
What kind of chassis? Is the car rolling over on the right rear? I might try more angle or lowering the panhard bar. Is your rear end moved to the left? WWwhere do you have your lead mounted?

booting left
posted August 27, 2001 07:25 AM
225/250 seems soft for a swingarm mount, are you sure you're not bottoming a shock as the car rolls. You said the car tightens up on the gas so it seems you have the biggest problem in the middle of the corner. I would take alot of the stagger out. How long is your panhard bar, a really short bar with alot of angle can hold the car up and actually loosen the car. Although its hard to predict because of the dynamics of a short panhard bar changes so much.

posted August 27, 2001 09:32 PM
Originally posted by booting left:
we have a z link mod. which has little side bite we run 1/4 mile high bank track the car is somewhat tight going in but through the rest of the corner is loose wants to spin out
forward bite is awesome.we run a pull bar with rubber biscuits ,car weight is 2680.left 54.3,rear 56.7, cross 53.8..we are trying 225 lb split with 2 1/2 stagger on a very !!!! dry slick track.springs are mounted forward of the rear end on the swing arms front springs are 850 right,800 left .rear are 225 right 250 left.we run a short pan hardbar angled down to the right about 12 degrees .frame mount on left.any help would be great we are going to start racing on longer and flater tracks as the season ends most tracks will be very slick.!!!!

Try loosening the car up alittle. You maybe to tight going in the coner.
When you make the car turn, you may be causing a over correction making the car loose.

posted August 27, 2001 10:48 PM
I'd even up the front springs (softer right front)this will allow the car to roll more on to the rightside and gain sidebite plus the even springs in the front will help the frontend hold better entering the corner because the right front will bite better because of more downforce.I'd also keep everything else the same one change at a time to see if it helps or not, good luck littleman

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