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Author Topic:   Setting Caster and Camber
posted December 23, 2000 11:28 AM
34, do you need some numbers to start with? or how to do it? what sot of upper a-arms do you have on it?
I'd start camber lf-0, rf +1deg(top of tire in)...rub chalk on the sidewall and this will help you dial it in. unless of course you have a tire temp gauge
caster lf+3, rf+5
always set toe last
toe.. center the steering box, set the lf so it is straight in line with the lr, now adjust the rf to 1/8" toe out

Racer 111
posted December 23, 2000 08:16 PM
LF -1 1/4 RF +2 camber LF 4 RF 5-7 caster. The more right front caster can load the left rear.

posted December 26, 2000 06:17 PM
I am running stock A arms and well everything I've got is stock. I really need to know how to set it up. As far as chamber and caster how do you get a starting point as to where you start measuring from?

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