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Author Topic:   getting hot
posted August 06, 2001 05:00 PM
guys thought i had a carb prob that all chks out.running a 406 little work done to it.been over heating since i had the heads off got the lash set at 20 thousandsstock rockers 1.5 long slot radiator cleanprob stated nite after heads went back on no leaks no watere in oil ???? whats better water ristrictor or thermostat ????? thks

posted August 06, 2001 07:52 PM
Water restrictor is definitely better. Unless if you run too cool which is not your problem. the restrictor is just simpler, I run a 3/4 in hole in mine.

posted August 06, 2001 09:13 PM
Did you make sure they gave you 400 gaskets with steam holes in them? This can cause just such a problem.

posted August 06, 2001 09:14 PM
gaskets it is got in a hurry and didnt match them up (rookie mistake) thks

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