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Author Topic:   4 link?
posted July 31, 2001 10:35 PM
Originally posted by Mod57:
We have a 4 link Shaw late model we stubbed and made a modified. We used a Ford Torino strut style front end which has all the components used on the Champion Chassis. The car is one of a kind but has good potential. The problem weve been fighting is a bad push in the middle of the turn. We are getting closer but could use some help. Here is what we have; LF 800, RF 700, LR 200,and RR 150. Shocks on front are Bilstiens Ill have to get the #s, LR 94 and RR 93. Rear set up; LR top bar 18 degrees, LR bottom center hole (level), RR top 15 degrees (one hole lower then left side), RR center. The rear end is floated with the LR spring behind the axle and RR in front. We are using a biscuit pull bar, Dirt Works Monte Bar. J Bar second hole from bottom at pinion and top hole on the chassis mounted on the left side. Measuring from the floor up it has 5 of rake. Scale percentages with driver and 20 gallons of fuel; LS 53.5%, Cross 49.4%, Rear 57.5% and 79 pounds left rear bite. As I mentioned we are getting closer but the season is getting short and would appreciate some ideas.
why the softer spring on the rf?
I had same prob. on my harris and i put a
225 lr and 150 rr. the rr on top of axel and
this totally cured the mid corner push

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