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Author Topic:   Muncie
posted June 25, 2001 05:46 PM
Any suggestions for setting up a Muncie? Remove any gears, or?? It is a wide range. (Two grooves on the shaft) Also, any update on the IMCA manual transmission rules? I belive there was a Federal lawsuit filed in North Dakota and don't know if there has been any resolution. Anyone know? Anybody?

posted June 25, 2001 08:54 PM
Thanks KK17. I know the Berts etc are kinda pricey but it seems to me it evens out when you don't have to change trans 2 or 3 times a season. Think I'll keep my Muncie in stock condition, that way I can always use it in other applications.

posted June 26, 2001 08:37 PM
I run a Muncie with third and reverse lightened. Run it in fourth (stock gear) and a 7.00 rear end gear...rev's really quick (with a triple disk) and I would definitely recommend running it that way!

posted June 29, 2001 07:35 PM
Berts are nice if you have the horsepower to drive them, and the track that can take the horsepower

I will stick with the ol 3 speed saginaw for now. works like a dream, with the 5" clutch.

Can't afford the big horsepower!

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