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Author Topic:   Desktop dyno programs??
posted June 14, 2001 07:49 PM
Well...I am not sure how close it is, but I do know that the engine builder for Competition Products played with it for a while. I am not sure how close it was. I would think that you would have to do it on the dyno after putting it thru to see how close it was to actually know the validity of the program. That is the only sure way to know. I havent heard of anyone proving or disproving this. If you have had your engine on the dyno and know what it puts out, then enter the info and see where it lies. I am curious about this also.


posted June 15, 2001 02:38 PM
Thanks dirt....we at The Dirt Forum appreciate your participation.


posted June 16, 2001 07:43 AM
I have used the desk top dyno program and the Performance Trends Engine Analyzer. I found the Engine Analyzer to be much better.
Both of these programs state that they are not 100% accurate, but just a guide to show you what changes can do.
The Engine Analyzer allows you to be alot more specific on the engine and also allows you to specify weather conditions, fuel, accessorys on the engine.
I think getting within 10-20HP with one of these programs is pretty darn good.

posted June 17, 2001 08:59 PM
I too have used the Performance Trends Engine Analyzer V3 and their Circle track AnalyzerV2.

I found that the track analyzer needs a little work as for a tracks and some suspension options. On the other hand, the engine analyzer is real close with all their options.

You know that the driver is not going to tell by the seat of his pants whether you have 15 plus or minus H.P. in a 375 to 400
H.P. small block on a dry dirt track.

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