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Author Topic:   Help getting on RR
posted June 14, 2001 01:26 PM
I am pretty happy with my car as it is now, but I want to try to get a little more RR bite/roll from the center of the turn out. I run a 3 link car with a pullbar and J bar. Without upsetting the chassis too much, do you think I'd be better of dropping the J Bar one more hole or should I consider putting a softer spring in the RR? On the rear now I have 250 and 200. What are the pros and cons of doing either? Thanks.

posted June 14, 2001 05:23 PM
Typically I would Put a 175 in the right rear and lower the j-bar slightly on the chassis(assuming that it goes from left side of the chassis to teh pinion). The softer spring should tighten the car off of the corner and slightly lowering the j-bar on the chassis should allow for more weight transfer from the left to the right to compensate for teh softer spring. Be a little careful or you can start packing the left front. Looks good but I think 4 wheels are better then 3 in almost all cases.

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