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Author Topic:   Upper a-arms
posted June 03, 2001 07:23 PM
I am converting from a 1 peice upper a-arm to the adjustable style. I am looking for info on the proper way to install and align, as all the mount points will be in a different location. This is a 6 year old dirtworks on a 64 Chevelle chassis. Info as to the best brand will also be great. Thanks for the help...

posted June 03, 2001 08:02 PM
I run the Moon adjustable style uppers. They are the only way to go. I suggest you make up some sort of tubles prior to buying them. Because you must have the car set at ride heigth, proper caster and camber. Then figure the tube length you need, as 1/2" in tube length is enough to throw you off, either not enough thread, or too much. Once set they are great.

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